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Are You Really Super Rich? It Depends on How Much You Make — And What State You Live In

Image via Business Insider

Do you make what it takes to be one of your state's richest residents?

Image via Business Insider Image via Business Insider

The map above, produced by Business Insider using 2012 Minnesota Population Center IPUMS data, shows how much a household needs to earn in a year to be in the top one percent of any given state's income distribution.

In big chunks of the middle of the country — Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arkansas and Alabama — a household can be in the top one percent making less than $300,000.

But a household needs to make more than half a million dollars to be in the top one percent in New York and New Jersey, and the apparently ritziest state, Connecticut, is a further cut above: $642,000.

The median annual U.S. household income in 2012, according to Census Bureau data, was just above $51,000.

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