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Why Glenn Beck Was So Frustrated by Sadie Robertson's Treatment on 'Dancing With the Stars


"Because her family has morals and standards, now -- [gasp] 'Can she actually move her body?'"

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program September 23, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Is Sadie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" treated differently than other contestants on "Dancing With the Stars" because of her family's outspoken commitment to their faith?

Glenn Beck certainly thinks so, expressing disgust for the commentary surrounding Robertson's most recent performance.

Beck said on his radio program: "Now, I'm watching this, and I don't think it's suggestive. It so far looks like dancing. ... There's nothing wrong with that. What is wrong with our media?"

One of the ABC judges, Carrie Ann Inaba, asked the 17-year-old on Monday night's episode: "Was your dad OK with that routine? Because it was a little edgy and a little sexy. There was a lot of hip thrusts.”

If you missed it, you can watch Robertson's performance below:

Beck insisted the dancing was "nothing that you wouldn't see anyplace else, and no one would ever question it."

"But because her family has morals and standards -- " Beck said, gasping sarcastically, "'Can she actually move her body? Is she allowed? She's wiggling her hips a little bit! That's offensive to God and the Lord Jesus, you know.' What? I hate the press."

"Look at the woman who's behind the guy doing the commentary right now," Beck continued, watching the video of Robertson's performance. "She's practically bare-chested! ... It's like she was wearing a jacket and they put a little scotch tape on her nipples to keep her jacket closed, and they're worried about [Sadie]."

"For the love of Pete," Beck concluded.

Beck also revealed that he was once asked to be a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," but that he declined without a moment's hesitation.

"Can you imagine how horrific that would be?" he asked with a laugh.

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