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Doctors Said Her Unborn Child Only Had a One Percent Chance of Survival — but This Woman Refused to Abort


"I’m a positive person, by nature, and I refused to give up on the pregnancy or mourn this baby until we knew exactly what was happening."

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After her waters broke at just 16 weeks, Katy Evans said doctors recommended that she abort her unborn child. But rather than comply, she continued on with her pregnancy, ignoring claims that the baby would only have a 1 percent chance of survival.

Evans, 35, who lives in Hitchen, Hertfordshire, England, told the Daily Mail that she began attending support groups and reading about similar cases after being diagnosed with preterm prelabor rupture of membranes, a condition that leads to the loss of essential amniotic fluids. 

It was in her research that she found the hope she needed to continue on with her pregnancy.

Photo credit: Shutterstock  Photo credit: Shutterstock

"I’m a positive person, by nature, and I refused to give up on the pregnancy or mourn this baby until we knew exactly what was happening," she told the outlet.

After rejecting recommendations that she abort, Evans said she went home with uncertainty still abounding, but that something miraculous happened.

Two weeks after her water broke and left the unborn baby with almost no amniotic fluid, doctors found that it had somehow replenished — and that the baby was developing normally.

While it was still an uphill battle, as she faced infection and potentially having her waters break again, Evans said she was elated when doctors told her the news.

"This was a very much wanted pregnancy. I could feel my baby kicking. I already loved this little person," Evans added. It’s amazing how you will fight for this baby inside you. I wanted my child to make it."


In January 2014, nearly five months later when she was at 34 weeks, Evans and her husband welcomed their second child, Leo, into the world; he was born completely healthy and came just six weeks early.

"We feel unbelievably lucky. It’s just over a year now since I was sitting in that hospital bed, waiting for a miscarriage," she told the Daily Mail. "There was certainly a point when I told myself that there wasn’t much hope. To go from that to looking at my son, a year on, feels surreal and wonderful. Leo’s grandparents call him the miracle baby."

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