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An Alleged Carjacker Decided to Target a White Audi — What Happened Next Cops Are Calling 'Utterly Shocking\


"She is extremely lucky not to have been more severely hurt."

(Source: YouTube)

Fifty-two-year-old Deb Smythe has a harrowing story to tell. In fact, it's one police are calling "utterly shocking."

Smythe had stepped outside her white Audi to open a barrier in Greater Manchester, England, last Friday when a man wearing a black hat with flaps approached, hopped in the car and tried to drive away. Smythe noticed what was happening and made a beeline for the car door, tripping along the way. But she was too late.

That didn't stop her.

Surveillance video shows Smythe pry the door open and struggle with the man now inside. But the "utterly shocking" part is what happens next: Instead of giving up, the man puts the car in reverse and drags Smythe along. He then pulls forward as Smythe tries to run along side, part of her body still inside the car and trying to wrestle the man out.

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

"She is extremely lucky not to have been more severely hurt," Det Sgt Mark McDowall told the BBC. "Fortunately, she is OK but has been left battered and bruised."

After 90 seconds, the man ran off:

Police are still looking for the suspect and Smythe is recovering from her injuries.

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