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God Only Knows' Why a 48-Year-Old Beach Boys Song Has Just Gone Viral

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In 1966, The Beach Boys released "Pet Sounds." It was the 12th album from the icons of the "California surf sound."

The eighth track on "Pet Sounds" is a song called "God Only Knows." The song barely managed to crack the top-40 charts in 1966. Some speculate that the word "God" in the title was intimidating some radio programmers. However, a star-packed, new version of the Beach Boys classic song is likely to find its way to the Billboard Hot 100.

On Tuesday, the BBC debuted a new service called BBC Music.

To launch the new project, the British Broadcasting Company gathered 17 music superstars to record a new version of the song, complete with a cinematic music video. In less than two days, the video has been watched more that 3 million times.

The song will also be released as a single and sold to generate funds for the charity, Children In Need.

Image: BBC Music Image: BBC Music

Watch the video and see how many of the famous voices and faces you can name:

If you need help identifying some of the stars, the full list is here.


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