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The Stories That Made Glenn Beck Shout ‘America, Wake the Hell Up!’ on His Radio Show


"This tells you that we are so disconnected from the truth."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 9, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck said Thursday that America has completely "disconnected" from the truth, eventually growing so frustrated that he shouted: "America, wake the hell up!"

Beck cited a number of current headlines that he says prove America's disconnect, including that NBC News was reportedly willing to offer "anything" to get comedian to do Jon Stewart to do "Meet the Press," that a school in Nebraska reportedly asked teachers to refer to students as "purple penguins" instead of girls and boys to be more "gender inclusive," and that America is not securing its borders amid the threat from ISIS and Ebola.

Beck referenced a poem from Rudyard Kipling called "The Gods of the Copybook Headings," which references statements of absolute truth, like "water will wet us" or "fire will burn." People try to "progress" past these truths, Kipling said, yet they somehow always "catch up."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 9, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 9, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck asked whether any of what Americans are being told today could be a copybook heading.

"For instance, comedians are the best news people. Is that a copybook heading?" he asked. "Our children are purple penguins. ISIS is not coming over our border. Keeping our border wide open will cause us no problems. The best way to cure Ebola is to keep all flights from Ebola central flying. The economy is better, you just don't feel it yet. Are any of those true?"

Beck continued: "[But] if I said, news people are not comedians. Children are not purple penguins. Closing our border leads to security. The economy is not getting better. The Ebola virus is dangerous, and our airplanes should be grounded in West Africa. Do those sound true?"

"This tells you that we are so disconnected from the truth," Beck said. "That things are going to have to reset. And when they reset, they're going to reset hard. The farther you get away from the truth, the harder the reset becomes."

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After an extensive discussion about how students would react to being called "purple penguins," Beck's co-host Pat Gray remarked: "We've gotten to the weirdest place. Five years ago, I don't think I would've believed this."

"I told you [that one day] you would get up and you would not recognize your country," Beck remarked. "Everything would be solid that you thought would be liquid, and everything liquid would be solid. Up would be down. We're here."

Gray asked: "How many 10 year olds are questioning their gender? How many ten year olds have a problem with being called a boy or a girl?"

"One hundred? A thousand?" Beck responded. "Let's be generous. Five thousand. We are eliminating boys and girls for 5,000 children. Now I don't want those children to feel bad or feel like freaks or anything else. But you are --"

"You don't change science for them and biology for them," Gray interrupted. "Come on. You're denying there's actual genders."

"We're not science deniers," Beck agreed. "You're science deniers. There's no gender anymore."

"This is the crazy. America, wake the hell up!" Beck said. "This is out of your mind crazy. Do you know how we are going to be viewed by generations? They are going to read about this stuff. Believe me. If I have to bury stories like this in the sides of the mountain to make sure that it is remembered at some point 5,000 years from now -- they will dig on the side of a mountain and they will find a big thing marked 'Glenn Beck's sanity box. What drove him insane is all in this box. Open at your own peril.' They'll open it up and stories like this will fall out. And they will say, 'What the hell?'"

Beck joked that the government will probably have confiscated pens by the time he's finished with the box, for some environmental reason, but he will find a way to leave the message: "We did see it. We denied it. Nobody wanted to say stop. Nobody wanted to stand up in our own classrooms and have our kids say, 'Mommy and daddy said this is nuts, and I'm to come home right now.'"

"It's bat crap crazy," Gray agreed. "And I'm more concerned ... how does our creator perceive us right now, with the two genders that he himself created and we're denying exists?"

"We already denied he exists," Beck said. "That's the root problem right there. If we deny that he exists, then we deny all of his creations. ... There's no end to it. Man gets to decide everything. There is no creator, so you no longer recognize that you are a creation. So you can be whatever you decide you are, or what others are. And then, once you have somebody deciding what people are and who people are and what categories they fit into, then they can start denying that you have a right to exist. This is what happens every time."

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