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This Woman Says She's Aborting Her Baby Next Week — Here's Her Heartbreaking Open Letter to the Child


"I can't bring you here. Not like this."


A heartbreaking open letter posted to Reddit last night comes from a woman who claims she is pregnant and plans to abort her unborn child next week.

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In the note titled, "I am getting an abortion next Friday. An Open Letter to the Little Life I Won't Get to Meet," the writer — Reddit user scaredthrowingaway — speaks directly to the child, saying she simply isn't ready to be a parent.

"I am sorry that this is goodbye. I'm sad that I'll never get to meet you. You could have your father's eyes and my nose and we could make our own traditions, be a family," the letter reads. "But, Little Thing, we will meet again. I promise that the next time I see that little blue plus, the next time you are in the same reality as me, I will be ready for you."

The Reddit user, who says she's both "sorry and not sorry" over the situation, adds that it breaks her heart that she doesn't feel the excitement that she's supposed to experience as a pregnant woman.

She says she isn't equipped or prepared to be a mom – and she wants the baby to have all of the things that the she didn't have as as child.

"Little Thing, I want you to be happy. More than I want good things for myself, I want the best things for the future," the letter continues. "That's why I can't be your mother right now. I am still growing myself. It wouldn't be fair to bring a new life into a world where I am still haunted by ghosts of the life I've lived."

The woman adds, "I can't bring you here. Not like this."

Little information is known about the author or her alleged circumstances. But after receiving some supportive messages from the Reddit community, she responded that she's glad she isn't alone in coping with her abortion decision.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is hard. I feel sick and awful for not wanting something that, at the same time, I want so badly," she later posted. "But I feel better knowing I'm not alone and now that I see it all written out, there's less madness bumping around in my head, which is nice."

Read the heartbreaking letter in its entirety here.

(H/T: Reddit)

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