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Medical Expert Says 'We Have to Be Ready For' U.S. Soldiers Contracting Ebola in West Africa


"...the possibility of a soldier getting Ebola is very real..."

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On Sunday morning, the American people wrestled with the news that Ebola had been transmitted for the first time between people in the U.S.despite medical protective gear and training.

The news came as 3,000 American military personnel are being committed to helping contain the initial Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and on ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning, medical expert Richard Besser said it's very likely American soldiers will contract the virus.

“Right now we have a situation where only 20 percent of patients with Ebola are being treated in treatment units [in West Africa],” Besser said. “So there are a lot of patients who have Ebola who are not in a protected environment. So the possibility of a soldier getting Ebola is very real and something we have to be ready for.”

(H/T: Mediaite)

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