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Try to Keep Your Heart Out of Your Throat As You Watch These Guys Leap Off a Tower — And See Whether They Hit the Pool Party Below


They're all about that BASE.

Image via David McKelvey/flickr

Some people will do anything for a thrill — including throwing themselves off one of the world's tallest and most iconic buildings, the Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia.

Image via David McKelvey/flickr Image via David McKelvey/flickr

In a video uploaded to LiveLeak, three men do just that, BASE jumping off the tower and aiming for a pool on top of a nearby hotel.

According to the video description, the three jumpers are John Van Horne, ‏‎Matt Frohlich‎‏ and ‏‎Andy Lewis.

Watch to see if their parachutes deploy correctly and they're able to crash the pool party from above:

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