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Are Brittany Maynard's supporters really 'celebrating suicide'?

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Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill 29-year-old woman who has decided to die Nov. 1, has brought up many strong opinions. Matt Walsh, a new contributor to TheBlaze, wrote about the issue, and on their TheBlaze Radio show this weekend, co-hosts Will Cain and SE Cupp tackled all facets of the issue as well.

"The philosophical argument for this is a libertarian one," Cupp said. "If you believe a person has the right to smoke a cigarette, to eat a cheeseburger, to smoke weed, to drink themselves into oblivion, then you have to believe also that a person has the right to end his or her own life, I think almost regardless of why."

Cain said of those calling Maynard "brave" for her decision: "I don't think we are required to choose between whether or not Brittany Maynard's decision to end her own life is brave, or whether we should condemn," he said. "I reject that."

Cupp said, "No one here is celebrating suicide, even if I think she has the right to do it."

What do you think? Listen here (the conversation starts up at approximately the 7-minute mark):

Also discussed: a debate between Cain and Cupp about whether cigarettes should be sold on military bases.

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