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Fox News' Bob Beckel challenges Jason Mattera to fight, then nothing


Remember when the press wasn't biased? I don't either. But at least the majority of folks who populate the nation's newsrooms once made a half-hearted effort to appear fair and balanced in their coverage. In the era of Obama however, many in the press don't even bother to cloak their bias.  The preferential treatment can be seen in how they ask tough questions of the GOP that they'd never dream of asking Democrats, but also in the stories the press doesn't cover.

How has Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) managed to acquire $6.7 million of wealth after spending his life earning a public salary?  Where are Lois Lerner's missing emails? Is she sorry she targeted conservatives using the tax code as a weapon? The last question really rubbed Bob Beckel of the Fox News the wrong way: he took particular exception to Jason Mattera asking questions of Lerner while she was walking her dogs.

Mattera, the author of "Crapitalism," gets further than congressional committees or anyone in the mainstream press in getting answers from these public figures.

ATTENTION JOURNALISTS: grab your notepads and cue it to 58:49 to hear what it sounds like to hold extremist liberals accountable! You just may learn something.

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