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The Obama Halloween Display That’s Drawing Some Attention


"He was supposed to not get re-elected.”

Credit: KPNX - Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix resident Karl Klomp likes to have fun around Halloween. His yard is dotted with fake tombstones, a skeleton and other spooky decorations. But one of those headstones bears a real name: "B.H. Obama."

Credit: KPNX - Phoenix, Arizona Image source: KPNX-TV

Klomp actually debuted the tombstone two years ago when President Barack Obama was running for re-election. The tombstone has the election date, Nov. 6, 2012.

"Back in November of 2012 there, when they were doing the re-election, he was supposed to not get re-elected,” Klomp told KPNX-TV. “I'm a Republican, I don't make no hiding of that.”

KPNX reported that a neighbor called the station complaining the headstone was inappropriate, but most in the neighborhood didn't seem to mind.

Another neighbor, a Democrat who voted for Obama, said he knows Klomp’s political views but is OK with the headstone.

“It’s from a couple of years ago," the Democratic neighbor said. "He just made it and decided to use it again. It doesn’t bother me.”

Klomp’s mother told the station, “It’s not nasty. It’s just a joke."

Klomp, who wore a pirate bandana during his interview with the news station, is known for his extravagant holiday decorations. Another neighbor described him as “like a little child, he definitely gets into the holidays.”

He's lived in the neighborhood for 14 years and said he plans to continue decorating.

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