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MSM says the U.S. has no surgeon general amid Ebola crisis? You may not be getting the whole truth


"...there's nothing on his resume that would indicate that he would be even worthy of consideration for Surgeon General United States..."

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The Ebola crisis has become a political football this week as both major parties looked for -- and found -- ways to use the virus to their advantage.

There have been campaign commercials, fundraising emails, and endless talking points that blamed the incompetence, inaction, etc. on the other side.

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Additionally, more than one media outlet has wondered why the CDC and not the surgeon general has taken the lead on this health crisis. After all, isn't the surgeon general, "America's Doctor?"

CBS News wondered: "Where's the Surgeon General?"

The Huffington Post called for Obama to "Appoint a Surgeon General Right Now!"

In the past couple of days, many liberal outlets have been claiming that America does not have a surgeon general -- and they are placing blame for this lack of leadership squarely on the backs of Republicans.

In reality, the role of surgeon general is not really vacant. Granted, Rear Admiral Boris D. Lushniak, M.D., M.P.H., is the "acting" surgeon general, but he's still the man who holds the job.

Image: HHS.gov Image: HHS.gov

Dr. Lushniak competed his medical school training at Northwestern University and added a Masters in public health from Harvard before serving in the U.S. Navy. Early in his career, Lushniak worked at the CDC in the Epidemic Intelligence Service.

Despite all of his qualifications, and the fact that Lusniak has been in the position for over a year, at least one anchor at MSNBC thinks Democrats need to force the Senate into approving President Obama's troubled nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy.

During his television program on Wednesday, MSNBC's Ronan Farrow spoke with Dr. Richard Carmona, a former Surgeon General. It appeared that the host was trying to get Dr. Carmona to support the appointment of Obama's nominee, Dr. Murthy while blaming Republicans for the delay in approving Obama's pick.

Farrow asked, "Is Washington at fault and how much does it hurt this Ebola response not to have someone in that role?"

Carmona did not directly answer Farrow's question. However, if you listen closely, you will hear the former Surgeon General delivering a solid case for Dr. Lushniak to handle the Surgeon General role.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

He also presented a clear line of reasoning explaining as to why Dr. Murthy should not be approved, initially stating, "He's got no senior leadership experience. He has no public health training or experience."

Carmona closed his statement on Murthy with this crystal clear appraisal of Obama's candidate, "I've communicated with him and expressed my concerns that it wasn't personal, but other than that he was one of the cofounders of "Doctors for Obama," there's nothing on his resume that would indicate that he would be even worthy of consideration for Surgeon General United States especially in these tough times with complicated issues that he's never dealt with."

Watch the exchange below:

Farrow also spoke with his colleague, MSNBC White House correspondent Chris Jansing, about the lack of a surgeon general during this crisis.

Jansing's reply included the clarification; "It's a communications position, not a strong policy position."

Murthy was nominated by Obama last year. However, thanks to his stance on guns and some opposition from the NRA, it is doubtful he would be approved by the Senate. With recent rule changes, all Harry Reid would require to secure Murthy's appointment would be a simple majority. Apparently, that is not likely.

The surgeon general position is not the only high ranking job with an "acting" boss. The Secret Service also has an "acting" director and we have not heard any media outlets calling for immediate action on the person who is charge with leading the team that protects the president and his family.


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