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Cheating Accusation, Failing Grade Spur 'Teacher's Dream Student' to Clear Her Name Using the Only Option She Has Left


"We were completely shocked."

Image source: KIRO-TV

A Washington state high school senior is suing her school district after she was accused of cheating and failed a final exam in June.

Image source: KIRO-TV Image source: KIRO-TV

The student's mother, identified only as Susie, said her daughter is "a teacher's dream student."

"We were completely shocked because this is so out of character for her,” the mother told KIRO-TV.

The lawsuit contends that a chemistry teacher found a note inside a pencil bag on the student's desk but never actually caught her cheating, KIRO reported.

"He went into her personal stuff and opened it up and pulled it out and found a note,” the mother told KIRO.

The Lindbergh High School student received an F on her test — but she still managed a B for her overall grade.

The Renton School District told KIRO it doesn't consider grade challenges once the process has gone through the teacher and principal — but the lawsuit also notes that the student never got a chance to properly defend herself after the cheating accusation.

Image source: KIRO-TV Image source: KIRO-TV

State law allows parents and students to ask the Superior Court to review disciplinary decisions after the administrative appeals process is exhausted, the Associated Press added.

“It is crazy," the mother told the station. "We should not be standing here. We should never have gotten this far."

The district declined KIRO's request to discuss the student's grade but indicated she won her appeal to the school board regarding a related detention punishment.

"If she was caught cheating, then why are you eliminating the detention?" her mother asked the station.

The teen's attorney, Greg McBroom, told the AP his client is concerned the failing grade will hurt her chances of getting into college.

"That's the only reason she's filing the lawsuit," McBroom said. "She's never had any problems with the school. No disciplinary record. Nothing."

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