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There's a Clever Way to Charge a Cellphone With a 9-Volt Battery

Image source: YouTube/CrazyRussianHack

The infamous dead cellphone battery is the ultimate "first world problem." But like many of those problems, there's also a first world fix.

The next time you find yourself wondering how you managed to drain your phone's battery so quickly, you won't have to wander around aimlessly while trying to find the nearest electrical outlet (and then stand beside the outlet for who knows how long while your phone charges). All you really need for a quick charge is a 9-volt battery, a car charger, a piece of metal and yes, your phone.

Image source: YouTube/CrazyRussianHack Image source: YouTube/CrazyRussianHack

By simply plugging your phone into the car charger, touching the piece of metal to the other small strip of metal on the side of that charger and then attaching the end of the car charger to to the "+" terminal on the 9-volt battery, you'll have a makeshift – not to mention potentially lifesaving– concoction.

Take a close look at this video and see for yourself:

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