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'My Oh My, What Do We Have Here?': Blaze Readers React to What Ferguson Police Found on Missouri Democrat Who's Sponsored Several ‘Anti-Gun’ Bills


"A liberal do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrite divider caught stoking the flames…never seen one of them before."

Image source: KMOV-TV

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week about the arrest of Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed during a protest outside the Ferguson Police Department.

Nasheed has sponsored several anti-gun bills, but ironically, upon her arrest, she was found carrying a loaded 9mm handgun and extra rounds of ammunition. Police also claimed that she smelled of “intoxicants,” but she refused to take a breathalyzer test. After her arrest, Nasheed claimed she wasn’t intoxicated and said she is a legal concealed carry permit holder.

Image source: KMOV-TV Image source: KMOV-TV

Nasheed was charged with failure to obey lawful order of police and manner of walking in the roadway after she and other protesters refused to get out of the street. Nasheed called the arrest symbolic and said it was a “message to the protesters that we can protest peacefully and that we must protest peacefully and that we want justice for Michael Brown.”

Here's what readers of TheBlaze had to say about the issue:


“Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who was sponsored several 'anti-gun' bills…emphasized that she is a legal concealed carry permit holder.”

A liberal do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrite divider caught stoking the flames…never seen one of them before.


If you're going to “Protest Peaceably” then you don’t need a firearm!!!!

This seems like a person looking to kill someone who disagrees with her…………


They want ‘Justice’ for Michael Brown? I’m confused: Do they want him dug up and shot again?


Did they force a blood test on her like they would have done to just about anyone else who refused a breathalyzer test?


What would be REALLY fun is for some reporter to ask Nasheed just WHO she was carrying that gun to protect herself AGAINST.

Since presumably she wouldn’t DARE say it was to protect herself against the COPS, since she’d be admitting by so doing that she would have been willing to open fire on a policeman (now wouldn’t THAT just REALLY make the day of the Ferguson police force), HOW would she answer the question? Is she going to say she was carrying to protect herself against one of Ferguson’s minority of WHITE PEOPLE?

And then she should be asked that if SHE feels the need to carry a gun when in the midst of a preponderance of BLACK PEOPLE, well, then, why can't WHITE PEOPLE exercise the SAME?


The laws she wants to pass are only for the people to follow. People like her feel they are above the law. What crap!


Liberals are a bizarre bunch. Even when they believe in the right to own a gun, they still fight against YOUR right to own a gun.

Liberals say: Rights are only for liberals; rights should be taken away from conservatives.

Conservatives say: Rights should belong to all people; government should get out of the way.


Carrying a loaded weapon while intoxicated (whether she has a permit or not) is a felony and she should be charged for it!


It wasn’t a gun. It was a bullet projectile launcher. They are obviously different and allow liberals to bypass the law. Heck, everyone knows that if you just change the meaning of words, you can do whatever you want.


When will America start using our Constitution and kick politicians out of office for violating our laws? Take out the political trash and let’s keep America clean!!!


Another hypocritical Democrat: “Do as I say, NOT as I DO”!! They all want their protection using guns — either their own, or with an armed bodyguard — but the peons under them? NOT allowed! She and the rest are disgusting!


The Breathalyzer thing is confusing. Did she demonstrate to the officers that she was not intoxicated after refusing the breath test or did they just take her word for it ? Being intoxicated and carrying a weapon goes beyond the stupid category, and if the officers just let it slide then they fumbled big time.


It really makes my day to see stupid moron idiots like her get arrested — and for doing something “we really don’t care about anymore.” You’ve made your statement, you have rioted, you've made terroristic threats, you've assaulted. The list is endless. Yet you continue to demonstrate? Demonstrate for what? Justice? If you want respect, act like humans instead of wild animals, respect the law and protest in peace, and let the courts do their jobs. You might — just might — get some sympathy. After all the wrong YOU have done, it's really hard to feel sorry for any of you. But you have stupid idiots like this showing up and making things worse.


“Guess What Ferguson Police Found on Missouri Democrat”? Her hypocrisy?


My oh my, what do we have here? A state senator carrying in a quite possibly violent protest? With extra ammo in case of an emergency situation? Is that a felony? 9mm? I am finding it a little bit hard to believe someone could be so dumb — especially a state senator — to bring a gun into a protest that could easily ignite into a violent protest. Black or white doesn't matter. It's a dumb thing to do. I gotta be missing something — going back up and checking. (No, didn’t miss anything. Hypocrisy at its highest level — or close to it?)


In Fresno, California, it's illegal to carry my CCW weapon if I have ANY alcohol or mind- or mood-altering drugs in my system. She is probably likewise in violation of her CCW if she refuses a breathalyzer. Here in Fresno, refusal to submit to a sobriety request from police while I'm armed is an immediate revocation and I will likely never be reissued a CCW permit again.


Why can’t I carry a 9mm when I protest “peacefully”?


If she was carrying a weapon and wreaked of alcohol, the police have an obligation to obtain a warrant for blood toxicology. Seems to me that she was protected since she’s a state senator. If anything she should be held more accountable than the average citizen, not less!

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