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Honeypot' on 'Homeland'? The foreign policy ethics of using sex as a spy tactic


"Honeypots" (or "honey traps") refer to using sex and seduction as a spy technique. It's a practice that is both prevalent in real life, as well as popularized through spy books and movies. In fact, Edward Snowden's documents recently revealed some of those similar tactics.

On TheBlaze's Homeland Recap Podcast, we explored the ethics of "honeypots" in relation to Carrie Mathison. Spoiler alert: Don't keep reading unless you've seen the fifth episode of season four:

So it started last week, with Ayaan. But it continued - sometimes unbearably - this week: sex and seduction, lie upon lie, and how it all relates to religion as well. What are the ethics here? And what does her spying choices say about Carrie Mathison as a female hero? Listen here:

Also in the podcast: Our predictions for Saul and Fara's (potentially ominous) fate, and our hopes that Quinn, played by Rupert Friend, will come on our podcast.

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