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The Unlikely 'Teammate' Who Had Peyton Manning Quite Upset as Denver Broncos Cruised Toward Victory


" wasn't his best night."

When your football team is up 35-22 at the end of the game and you have the ball, annoyances ought to be few.

But not necessarily when you're Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning (18) of the Denver Broncos runs the offense during the fourth quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver on October 23, 2014. (Image source: Tim Rasmussen/Denver Post via Getty Images)

The newly crowned NFL kingpin for career touchdown passes was visibly upset when he walked under center Thursday night with less than two minutes to play and heard what other teams hate: the mighty wall of sound from his Denver Broncos' fans.

Manning gave harsh downward waves toward the stadium seats — the longtime signal for the fans to quiet down so the offense can hear the snap count — and shook his head in apparent displeasure.

But before Manning could get the play off the ground, one of his offensive linemen was flagged for a false start — presumably because he couldn't hear Manning. And the quarterback was fuming.

Later Manning said he wasn't upset at the fans; rather he took umbrage with...the Bronco's scoreboard operator.

"I gotta have a little talk with him," Manning said after the contest. "I'm not sure what he's doing. He's playing music and showing players dancing and getting the crowd fired up when we have the ball. I don't think we should be doing that."

He added that for the scoreboard operator "it wasn't his best night."

Here's Manning's post-game breakdown of the issue:

(H/T: SB Nation)

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