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Masked Thug Tries Sticking up a Convenience Store — but His Biggest Mistake Was Not Accounting for the Coors Beer Man in the Back


"I got to get this guy."

Image source: KFOR-TV

When a masked intruder entered the D&T convenience store in Enid, Oklahoma, the clerk behind the counter had no idea what the guy was saying and at first just shooed him away.

Image source: KFOR-TV Image source: KFOR-TV

"I asked him to get out of our store or take the stuff off his face," Kristi Shiemann told KWTV-TV.

Image source: KFOR-TV Image source: KFOR-TV

Then things got scary: The perp flashed what Shiemann thought was a gun and got behind the counter.

But clerk wasn't about to wait for what might happen next; she grabbed a taser, jumped over the counter, and remembered she might have help in back.

Inside the freezer was Brock Nulph, the beer delivery man, unloading bottles and cans as part of his usual Monday night stop.

Image source: KFOR-TV Image source: KFOR-TV

"He'd have to fight two of us instead of one of us," Shiemann told KWTV.

After Nulph figured out Shiemann was being robbed, "split-second" instinct took over: "I got to get this guy," he told the station.

Surveillance video showed Nulph grabbing the crook by the arms, body slamming him to the floor, and then getting on top of him.

Image source: KFOR-TV Image source: KFOR-TV

Nulph had the guy pinned for almost five minutes while police were en route.

Image source: KFOR-TV Image source: KFOR-TV

Nulph told KFOR-TV he "yanked everything off" the face of the intruder, who confessed he was only 14. And the object thought to be a gun? Turns out it was a stick wrapped up to look like a firearm, KWTV added.

Then Nulph actually held a conversation with the the hapless teenage thief, inquiring why the kid wasn't in school. His answer? He'd gotten suspended.

"I just hope this guy changes his life," Nulph told KWTV. "He doesn't need to be on this path."

Police said the minor will be charged with armed robbery and possession of marijuana and tobacco, along with possession of paraphernalia, KWTV said.

Shiemann — a grandmother who displayed plenty of her own quick action — can't utter enough kudos for Nulph: "Brock is my hero," she told KWTV. "I'll tell that to the whole world. I love that Coors man." 

Nulph said he's "just an ordinary guy" who "chose to do the right thing."

(H/T: New York Daily News)

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