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He Thought It Would Be a Good Idea to Jump on a Dead Whale...He Didn't Notice the Sharks Feeding on It


"Afterwards, I was pretty grateful to be alive still."

Image: YouTube

The parents of Harrison Williams are questioning their 26-year-old son's sanity after the extreme sports fan from Australia jumped into shark-infested waters to climb onto a dead humpback whale.

Image: Twitter Image via Twitter

Why did Williams do it? As he told the Daily Mail, he thought "it would be funny."

The daredevil admitted that he didn't initially notice the tiger sharks and white shark feeding on the whale carcass that he apparently thought would be the source of much hilarity.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

After spotting the sharks, Williams' friends pulled a boat right next to the carcass, allowing him to safely return to the deck of the ship.

Williams acknowledged the foolishness of his actions, telling the West Australian, "I didn't mean any disrespect to anyone. Afterwards, I was pretty grateful to be alive still."


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