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Pop Star Hears a 'Rustling' in Her Ear — What Her Doctor Found Was 'Terrifying' Up Close


"So I had a rustling in my ear for a week and went to the doctor to have it checked out..."

Image: Instagram

British pop singer Katie Melua's hearing is very important to her work. So, after a week of noticing a "rustling" in one ear, she decided to see a doctor. What the doctor saw stunned Melua.

Melua shared the experience with her Twitter and Instagram followers:

The doctor took a look inside Melua's ear and recorded video of a small spider that had taken up residence in her ear canal.


Using a small vacuum, the doctor removed the inner ear interloper and placed it in a small jar:

How did the eight-legged visitor find its way into Melua's ear? The singer speculated that it was lurking in a pair of earphones she used on a recent plane trip.


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