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Stakes raised in heart-stopping final minutes of 'Homeland' as terrorist tactics, drones, family and love collide


Spoiler alert: Stop reading if you haven't seen the sixth episode of "Homeland" season four.

Would you take the shot? A former head of the CIA taken prisoner by one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. You have a drone armed and ready to fire, but — would you do it? That was the debate Carrie Mathison and others at the CIA faced in the most recent episode of "Homeland," and something we discussed on TheBlaze's Homeland Recap Podcast. Besides Saul being held by Haqqani, there was also the idea of family and love, between both Ayaan and Carrie and and Ayaan and Haqqani.

Listen here:

Also in the podcast: what Boyd is up to, Saul's future and the connection between Ayaan and Brody.

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