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Unarmed Guy Doesn't Know What to Do When Another Guy Pulls a Gun, So He Takes an Officer's Firearm


"The guy looked like he was on something..."

Image source: Facebook/New York Post

Jean Maylouby didn't know what to do when one of the two men he got into a fight with Sunday pulled a gun. For some reason, he figured it was a good idea to steal a gun from a nearby police officer – and hope the plan wouldn't backfire.

Image source: Facebook/New York Post Image source: Facebook/New York Post

“He was about to give up because he didn’t have a gun, so he went into the [police] car,” Taz Smith, a witness, said. “The guy looked like he was on something, the way he just went at officers like that.’’

Maylouby and the two other men he was fighting with were apparently into it over girls and money. That's when one of the men pulled a gun “big enough to push back at least two police," Smith said.

When police arrived on the scene Maylouby allegedly got into their car, wrestled an officer for her gun and then got back out of the car. But it wasn't long before three other officers surrounded him and demanded that he drop the gun. He allegedly began shooting at police but the officers returned fire hitting him multiple times, at least three times in the torso and once in the lower leg.

None of the officers were injured. However, a nearby police car's tires were shot out and the vehicle itself was damaged with several bullet holes.

Maylouby was transported to Kings County Hospital where he was reported to be in critical condition but expected to survive. He was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, weapons possession and criminal possession of stolen property.

(H/T: New York Post)

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