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Blaze Radio: Rep. Louie Gohmert on why the GOP shouldn't get 'too excited' over its midterm election win


"We're going to have be ready and prepared and ready to take on anything that smells the least bit like an amnesty bill."

Despite the GOP's decisive wins in the Senate and House on Tuesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) hasn't been as enthusiastic as many conservative voters and pundits.


In fact, he said Republicans shouldn't get "too excited" about things right now.

During Gohmert's appearance on this week's Pure Opelka on TheBlaze Radio, the congressman also expressed concern over what could be coming in the form of executive orders from President Obama.

"We've got a president that basically said he's going to act unconstitutionally..."

Gohmert also shared his thoughts on what House Speaker John Boehner might be planning to do — specifically on the topic of immigration.

"We're going to have be ready and prepared to take on anything that smells the least bit of an amnesty bill."

"I'm afraid we have leaders in the House and some in the Senate who wouldn't mind seeing an amnesty bill go through, even in the lame duck session," Gohmert stressed, adding that "the voters came out and said they don't want an amnesty bill."

While discussing exit polling following Tuesday's GOP win, Gohmert also expressed concern with Americans' overall lack of trust in government.

"There was a vast amount of distrust for Republicans," Gohmert said. "We don't rate well in the polling. They don't trust us. It's just because of what the president and Democrats have done — they distrust them even more than they distrust Republicans."

Asked about his legislative priorities for the coming year, Gohmert specified three areas.

  1. "Secure the border."
  2. "Cut back on the over criminalization...we've got so many people going to jail for violating a regulation that no elected official has ever seen. So we have got to reign that in. And we have got to get away from the militarization of all these different branches of government. For heaven's sake, the EPA, the Department of Education, all these groups — they don't need SWAT teams! We don't need a bigger militarized bureaucracy."
  3. "We need to get back to less government snooping...We've got to get back to where the American people have at least a little bit of privacy from our American government." 

Listen to the entire interview with Rep. Louie Gohmert starting at the 9:50 mark:


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