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TV Anchor Thought She Was Doing an Interview About Pets. The Weatherman Told Her to Look Over Her Shoulder Instead and She Ended up in Tears.


"Are you serious?"

Source: WPLG-TV screen shot

You may not know the name Trent Aric, but get ready to hear his name.

Aric is a South Florida weatherman at WPLG-TV in Miami. On Thursday, he pulled off a massive trick on morning news anchor Jacey Birch. But it wasn't just any ol' trick -- it was one that came with a question at the end.

See, Aric and Birch have been dating for a little while, and on Thursday Aric decided it was time to "pop the question." So with the help of his TV crew, he perpetrated a stunt that left Birch shaking and crying.

Birch thought she was taping a satellite interview about pets and the holidays with a representative from the American Kennel Club. Instead, Aric appeared on the screen, and Birch seemed utterly confused. They started making small talk and, eventually, Aric told Birch to look over her left shoulder. That's where a massive screen displayed pictures of the two and the question: "Will you marry me?"

Source: WPLG-TV screen shot Source: WPLG-TV screen shot

"Are you serious?" Birch asked in disbelief.

"Nah, I'm just kidding," Aric said with a chuckle and pretended to walk off camera.

Of course, he returned. But before he got the answer, he played a narrated montage that featured pictures, video and even both of the pair's parents. Watch it all unfold below:

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In case you're wondering and didn't watch the video, she said yes!

Source: WPLG-TV screen shot Source: WPLG-TV screen shot

(H/T: TV Spy)

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