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You're a Scam Artist': Reporter Caught on Video Unloading on Tow-Truck His News Van Gets Towed


"You shake people down all the time?"

Lou Young (Image source: YouTube)

It appears a tow-truck driver turned the tables on a reporter, recording their conversation on video as the TV station's illegally parked news van was hooked and lifted off the ground.

"Look at this grown man working for CBS News in Danbury, Connecticut," the tow-truck driver said as he walked toward WCBS-WLNY reporter Lou Young in a parking lot.

"We're working here," Young replied. "We're covering the news. These guys are interfering with our job."

Lou Young (Image source: YouTube) Lou Young (Image source: YouTube)

The driver — identified as Teddy Wagner in a Media Bistro piece on the incident — shot back that Danbury Superior Court asked for a tow of the news van and called Young a "sad sad man" for refusing to pay the nearly $100 fee.

The clerk's office of the Danbury Superior Court told TheBlaze Friday that the parking lot in question doesn't belong to the court but to the Greater Danbury Bar Association, Inc. Timothy Herring, president of bar association, told TheBlaze that while local lawyers pay to use the lot, no officers of association called to have the van towed, adding that the driver misspoke regarding the reference to the superior court requesting the tow.

Herring added that Federal Towing polices the parking lot but that the bar association receives no towing fees.

"You're a scam artist," Young told the tow-truck driver. "You want a hundred dollars cash?"

"About that," the driver replied.

"You shake people down all the time?" Young asked.

While Media Bistro said WCBS declined to comment on the incident, the money was eventually paid:

But the most amusing part of this story is the resulting Twitter war between Wagner and Young:

Image source: Twitter Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter Image source: Twitter

Image source: Twitter Image source: Twitter

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