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CNN Host Confronts Ferguson Protester Caught on Video Telling Cops 'I'm Praying for Your Death!' Watch His Curious Explanation.


"Your life is in danger, homie!"

Image source: CNN

CNN's "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter on Sunday confronted Ferguson activist Bassem Masri over his incendiary protest tactics on the heels of 18-year-old Michael Brown's fatal shooting by police officer Darren Wilson.

Masri — who's been live streaming events in Ferguson, Missouri, for months — made headlines after he led protesters in shouting down a CNN reporter last month, but he appeared unmoved, even defiant, after watching a replay of the incident on "Reliable Sources."

“We’re not going to be just laying back and letting anybody paint whatever narrative they want when it comes to our community,” Masri said.

Image source: CNN Image source: CNN

Masri also took issue with the notion that protesters have been violent: “We haven’t hurt a cop, we haven’t touched any of them,” he told Stelter. “We’ve haven’t made any aggression towards them, it’s been vice versa.”

The high-profile "citizen journalist" described himself as a Palestinian who was born and raised in the Ferguson area who wanted to report what he has seen in the streets. "I don't have an agenda," Masri added.

Then the host, questioning if Masri was out to provoke trouble, played a clips showing Masri shouting and challenging police officers during protests; with bits of profanity thrown in he called several cops "pig” and "coward" to their faces. He told one that "your life is in danger, homie!" and to others shouted, “I’m praying for your death!”

Masri appeared to squirm after the clip played and offered this curious response: "I'm just a citizen, you know?...I didn't ask for none of this...I don't mean any of that stuff that I said and we're not trying to provoke violence."

Check out the clip. The relevant portion starts around the 4:30 mark:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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