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A 78-Year-Old Woman Was Stranded for Three Days After Tripping. An Unlikely Hero Came to Her Rescue.


"I'm just glad I was there."

Image source: WHNS-TV

Debra Hall has saved every Christmas card her customers have ever given to her. But by this Dec. 25, the South Carolina postal carrier undoubtedly will receive an extra-special one.

Hall was on her normal route for the Greenville County USPS on Thursday when she heard a cry from a carport at a Berea home, so she headed down the driveway to investigate.

Image source: WHNS-TV Image source: WHNS-TV

In the carport, Hall found a woman lying on the ground — the 78-year-old had been there for three days after tripping on a carpet near a door, WHNS-TV reported.

Image source: WHNS-TV Image source: WHNS-TV

Hall called 911 and delayed her route and waited with the woman, who had fallen Tuesday, until an ambulance arrived.

“She was bruised up. Cold, but scared," Hall told WHNS. "But she was actually in good spirits."

After the incident Hall rang the doorbell of a neighbor, Sandy Jordan, to let her know what had happened. “I think it's very telling of the character of our mail carriers,” Jordan told WHNS, adding that Hall is the second mail carrier to help a fallen elderly neighbor.

[sharequote align="center"]“It's just every day to me."[/sharequote]

And Hall's actions weren't new for her. She told the station that helping others is part of the job and that she's assisted elderly people get up after falling in the past — even helping them with their groceries.

“It's just every day to me," Hall told WHNS. "I'm just glad I was there. I'm glad I heard her."

The woman Hall rescued was still in the hospital as of Wednesday, her family told Hall — but later this week she should be released, the station said.

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