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The Magician Who Tore Up a Homeless Man's Sign Is Back With an Even More Inspiring Video


"We didn't even know if we're eating tonight."

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Rob Anderson, the Las Vegas-based magician whose magic trick tearing up a homeless veteran's sign went viral and generated more than six million hits in just over a month, is back with an even cooler video.

The popularity of the first video also translated into a pile of cash donated by strangers in order to help Alan, the veteran who starred in the viral video.

Anderson spoke with TheBlaze about the GoFundMe campaign he organized to help Alan. "We raised over $40,000," he said.

Image: GoFundMe Image: GoFundMe

According to Anderson, Alan did not want the entire amount of money donated to the fund, telling the magician to spread it out to others.

Anderson explained that after speaking with Alan and his family, he set out to find another vet that was "truly in need through no fault of their own."

Talking with local veteran's group, Anderson settled, on a very special case.

Meet Gulf War vet and 20-year military man, Johnny Hicks.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Telling the family that they were being interviewed for a documentary on veterans, Anderson and his crew arrived on the scene and recorded his story.

After losing his government job because of health problems, Hicks, his wife and their four children were in severe financial distress.

Additionally, a severe mold problem in their last home, forced the family to move and throw out most of their personal possessions and furniture.

Thanks to the money received from over 1600 anonymous donors, Anderson was able to deliver some life-changing help to the Hicks family.

All tolled, Anderson's fund provided a year's worth of rent on the home, six months of food, additional support for clothing lost to the mold and an car.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Watch the story unfold below:

Anderson told TheBlaze he is planning on continuing his philanthropic efforts and will keep us posted on future good works.

See more of Rob Anderson's video efforts here.


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