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Behold This Fully Automatic, Drill-Powered Dart Launcher

Image: YouTube

Inventor and YouTube star Joerg Sprave is back with a brand-new clip showing off his latest unusual invention: the Clothespins Steel Dart Machine Gun.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Sprave took a handful of metal darts and employed simple clothespins to mount them on a wooden disc, then used a basic household drill to spin the disc as he triggered the launch of the projectiles.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

As with many of Sprave's creations, the accuracy of the darts launched by this "machine gun" is not paramount: He really just cares about the high-volume launching of the darts.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

See Sprave's invention in action:

You can check out more of Sprave's videos on his Slingshot Channel on YouTube.

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