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Observe the Way Far-Left Comedian Reacts When Reporter Changes Subject From Class Warfare to His Personal Situation


"...you, as a member of the media, have a very important duty to help represent these people."

(YouTube/Channel 4)

Far-left comedian and actor Russell Brand, who has called for a socialist revolution on multiple occasions, scolded a reporter with London’s Channel 4 after he inquired about how much the actor pays to live in his home.

(YouTube/Channel 4) (YouTube/Channel 4)

Brand showed up to a London neighborhood to support New Era estate tenants who fear rent increases will render property unaffordable. After touching on the issue briefly, the reporter then changed the subject to Brand’s own housing situation.

“Part of the problem is the super rich buying property in London, isn’t it?” the interviewer said. “How much did you pay for your place?”

“It’s rented,” Brand said before immediately trying to change the subject. When the reporter refused to let it go, Brand lost his tempter.

“I’m not interested in talking to you about my rent, mate. I’m here to support a very, very important campaign, and you, as a member of the media, have a very important duty to help represent these people,” Brand said.

He also claimed that he is “part of the solution” and slammed the reporter as a “snide.”

“Blessedly, I can afford my rent and I’m prepared to stand up for people that can’t,” he added.

Watch the video below via Channel 4:

Brand later elaborated on why he got so upset over the reporter's line of questioning:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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