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House for Sale: Three Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms and One Roller Coaster



Image: YouTube

Realtors — and television shows about real estate — are fond of telling would-be home sellers that effective "staging" of a house can significantly assist in selling your home and getting the highest offer. Staging a home typically involves cleaning up the property, redecorating with rented furniture and possibly repainting a room or two.

One Dutch company specializing in real estate promotion has taken the concept of staging to a new level. In order to get some local buzz on a house — they added a roller coaster to take potential purchasers through the house.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

The coaster carries one person at a time, from the bottom floor, through the garage, then up the stairs to the first floor.

Coaster upstairs Image: YouTube

After rolling through the kitchen and living room, riders are sent across the patio and upstairs the top floor of the house.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Passing through the second floor bedrooms and then outside again, the home tour roller coaster ride finishes in the back yard.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Watch the promotional video here:

(H/T: NY Daily News)


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