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Snowboarder Slips on Chair Lift and Is Left 'Hanging On For Life!' Pay Attention to the What the People Below Him Do


"It could have been way worse!"

Image via YouTube

Visibility's low, conditions are icy and you're sitting maybe 50 feet up in the air.

Then you slip and make a crushing realization: Your chair lift's safety bar wasn't down.

That's what one video, posted to YouTube on Nov. 23, purportedly shows happening to a teenager who slides from his seat and is left dangling far above the snow.

Others on-scene rush to splay and hold a tarp under the teen, who hesitates for a few long moments before letting go and plummeting to earth.

Watch the harrowing moments below (content warning: strong language):

"Whee! A good start to the season!" reads the description posted with the video. "I got super lucky, no injuries at all. It could have been way worse! [I] just slipped off the chair and the safety bar wasn't down and [I] just slipped on and was hanging on for life!"

As the teen is surrounded by people on the ground, his so-called friends above can't resist throwing in a jab: "F*****g idiot."

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