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The Home Invasion that Has France’s Jewish Community 'In Shock\


"[I[t appears that it is ‘open season’ on Jews in France …"

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Masked assailants armed with pistols and a sawed-off rifle stormed into the home of a Jewish family in a Paris suburb Monday where they raped a 19-year-old woman, held her boyfriend to the side and made off with their bank cards and ATM codes.

Before sexually assaulting the woman, the attackers stated explicitly that the two shouldn’t try to pretend they didn’t have money, because they knew they were Jewish, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported.

“The Jewish community is in shock over this,” an unnamed French journalist told the U.S. Jewish news site the Algemeiner.

The attack took place at the home of the boyfriend’s parents, situated in the suburb of Creteil which has a large Jewish population.

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According to media reports, three masked men pushed their way into the house after the couple answered the door.

The assailants demanded credit cards and PIN numbers. While one left to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM machine, the other two remained in the home while the woman was violated. JTA quoted police who said that the attackers were in the house for about an hour.

Police arrested two of the three attackers but one was still at large.

“It is too early to tell if the victims were selected because they are Jewish,” a law enforcement source told Le Parisien.

But in light of the words spoken by the attackers noting the faith of the couple, Moshe Kantor, the head of the European Jewish Congress disagreed.

“Unfortunately, it appears that it is ‘open season’ on Jews in France following so many recent violent attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions,” Kantor said.

Monday’s assault followed an attack on two Jewish men in the area on Saturday night.

The Algemeiner reported that the 19- and 21-year-old brothers, who were wearing yarmulkes, were attacked near a synagogue.

President Francois Hollande said following the Saturday night incident, “France wants all the Jews of France to feel perfectly safe and quiet.”

Earlier this year, the Jewish Agency reported that the number of French Jews moving to Israel was at an all-time record high following a rise in anti-Semitic attacks.

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