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'Dancing With the Stars' Judges Saw a 'Bright Light' in Sadie Robertson — and Her Uncle Reveals What He Believes the Source Is


"I’m just sitting there smiling at the TV because I know what it is."

Weeks after Sadie Robertson finished her run on "Dancing With the Stars," her uncle Al Robertson spoke with TheBlaze about how his niece's faith in God was on full display throughout the televised dance competition, noting that even the judges saw a "bright light" that shined within her.

"I kept listening to judges every week — especially the two women judges — talk about this bright light and [how] she just shines, and they kept talking about it," he told this author in an appearance on TheBlaze's Freefall audio series. "And, of course, I’m just sitting there smiling at the TV because I know what it is. It’s God in her. That’s the light. That’s what she’s doing."

Robertson said Sadie wanted to prove that it is possible for Christians to be part of Hollywood, while still holding tightly to their values.

Listen to the interview below:

He also shared information about the "The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible," a new Bible on the market that he edited alongside his father Phil.

"Dad and I have about 70 years of experience together, in terms of both studying and teaching the word of God," he said. "We love it. We love studying it. We love teaching it."

Considering the family's ongoing successes, Robertson shared how each member works to ensure humility abounds. He even exited full-time ministry recently to help better care for his own family.

"When you have a big family, you help kind of bring them back to reality," he told TheBlaze. "That was one of the reasons I made the move to leave the pulpit where I was working at our church to more focus on individually where we were going as a family."

Robertson said that the family has learned a great deal since December 2013, when comments Phil made about the Bible and homosexuality in a GQ interview went viral and the patriarch was briefly suspended from the popular A&E show.

"You realize in everything that you do and everything that you say, there will be some who love it, and some who hate it, and then a lot of people who are fairly indifferent and maybe make a decision to go one way or the other," he said. "I would say everybody loves you until they get to know you, and then somebody’s not going to like you — and especially if you have strong opinions and strong beliefs."

Find out more about Robertson's "The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible."

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