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The Disgusting Things a Palestinian Boy Said on the Hamas Kids' Show Will Appall You


"… herds of deluded idiots."

Image source: MEMRI

Hamas’s Al-Aqsa television regularly features children’s programming that bolsters its hostile message toward Israel.

The trend continued earlier this month when the station invited a young boy to recite a poem that included descriptions of Israelis as “barbaric apes” and “filth” which the holy city of Jerusalem “vomits.”

The host of the show, a young girl, asked the boy to give his "message to the enemy."

The boy, identified by the Middle East Media Research Institute as Abd Al-Rahim al-Zarad, dramatically exclaimed, “Oh sons of Zion, Oh the most evil of creatures, Oh barbaric apes, Jerusalem rejects you and vomits your filth.”

Image source: MEMRI Image source: MEMRI

Image source: MEMRI Image source: MEMRI

Along with the boy in the studio were three little girls and a giant teddy bear.

Image source: MEMRI Image source: MEMRI

A MEMRI translation of his recitation included these lines:

You are nothing but herds of deluded idiots. […]

Jerusalem is my land

Jerusalem is my honor. […]

Oh you slayers of Allah’s pious prophets. […]

Humiliation and suffering have been decreed on you.

The poem was called, "I Do Not Fear the Gun."

Image source: MEMRI Image source: MEMRI

“I do not dread barbarism, as long as I have my holy book and my city in my heart, as long as my arms (can throw) stones, and as long as I am free and do not sell out the cause,” he added.

Watch an excerpt of the show courtesy of MEMRI:

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