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Think America's Borders Are Hard to Protect? Wrap Your Head Around These Complicated Global Borders.


"Divide and conquer."

Image via YouTube

The U.S. border's got nothing on these fractious frontiers.

In a video posted online Saturday, YouTube user WonderWhy followed up his enormously successful video on complicated borders — which was posted in December 2013 and has since amassed nearly 1.2 million views — with a second crack at "The Most Complex International Borders in the World."

Enclaves, exclaves, disputed territories and countries inside of other countries — our planet's a messy place.

Learn about Josef Stalin's "divide and conquer" legacy in the Caucasus region, and see the violent aftermath of Indian princes trying (and failing) to stay independent.

Of course, your enjoyment of the video might depend on whether you find the Scottish narrator's voice "oddly soothing," as one Reddit commenter did, or whether you struggle to understand his brogue.

See WonderWhy's first video on complex borders here.

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