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The New Gun Control Ad That Has Some Absolutely Baffled: 'So Let Me Get This Straight...
Image source: YouTube

The New Gun Control Ad That Has Some Absolutely Baffled: 'So Let Me Get This Straight...


A pro-gun control video posted to YouTube December 13 has triggered rounds of online criticism as some pro-gun rights activists have said it encourages kids to bring guns to school.

The 3-minute clip, posted by San Francisco-based independent film director Rejina Sincic, walking into his parents' bedroom without their knowledge. He opens a drawer where he finds a gun and then takes it back to his room and stuffs it in his backpack.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

He goes to school with the gun in his bag. When the class ends and the rest of his classmates have already left the room, he removes the gun from his bag, walks over to the teacher's desk and, after startling her with the firearm, places it on her desk.

“Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house," the boy tells the teacher.

Sincic flashes a graphic moments later which reads, "Our children deserve a safe world" and then another which reads "Stop gun violence now" with a school hallway seen behind the wording.

Watch it here:

Several YouTube users commented on the video – some who opposed its message and others who supported it. One of the users that opposed the message was Open Carry Texas. It posted the following comment, which reads in part:

"Unbelievable. So, let me get this straight. Kids should steal guns from their parents when they aren't looking (crime), take guns to school (crime), and give that stolen property to an "authority" figure (crime) because they don't 'feel' safe. Is that about right?"

User Russell Watson chimed in too, saying "Isn't suggesting someone commit a crime a crime as well?"

Charlie King said the video was "wrong," but pointed out, [T]he First Amendment allows us to see it. Remember, gun control is being able to hit your target."

Multiple viewers who commented encouraged others to report the video, claiming its suggestive nature is illegal. But user Jason Trommetter doesn't think it would stand a chance if opponents of the message decide to take legal action.

"You can't blame the people who made the PSA. That doesn't seem like a good enough excuse if this went to court," Trommetter wrote.

 While the comments were mostly opposed to the message, there were a few in support of it, including one from user "sciencekiller224xxx."

"Very powerful and poignant video...we need the children [to] never have to live in fear [because] of ancient irresponsible gun laws..stop this madness and write congress...not [one] more.." sciencekill224xxx wrote.

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