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'It's Huge!': Fishermen Weren’t Prepared for the Gigantic Catch They Hooked Underneath the Ice of Frozen Lake Superior


"Look at the size of that!"

Image via YouTube

Here's something to get you psyched for ice fishing season.

In February, a pair of fishermen braved the frigid coat of Lake Superior, trekking 20 miles onto the ice, they say, and settling in to chat, drink and fish.

Suddenly, one of them felt a tug on his line like he'd never felt before, prompting the other to grab a camera and start recording video.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

Lurking beneath the ice was one of the biggest lake trout they'd ever seen — and it was tangled in their line.

"That's like over 40 inches long, it's huge!" one exclaimed, while the other laughed, "Look at the size of that!"

They were stymied by the size of their hole — it wasn't meant to accommodate such a monster fish — but a finger-freezing plunge into the water solved that problem and revealed the gargantuan trout to the world.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

They released the fish after proudly displaying it.

Watch the video below:

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