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When a Stranger Showed up at a Texas Man's House at 4 A.M. Demanding to Be Let in , Police Say He Did 'What Every Homeowner' Would Do to Protect His Family


"The homeowner armed himself and went outside."

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Police in a rural town northwest of Dallas have outlined an odd case involving a homeowner, a man at his door at 4 a.m. and a fatal gunshot.

According to police and WFAA-TV, a homeowner in Rhome, Texas, was awakened in the wee hours of Friday morning when a man repeatedly rang the door bell and demanded to be let in.

"The homeowner armed himself and went outside," Wise County Sheriff David Walker told the outlet. "That's when he saw a man trying to jump a fence that was between his house and his neighbor's home."

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Police say a struggle ensued after the man continued to say, "Let me in the house."

"They fought briefly," Walker explained. "At some point, [the homeowner] backed away from the man and told him he was armed. The man kept saying he needed to get inside of the house."

That's when the homeowner -- whose wife and 14-year-old daughter were inside -- fired one shot, hitting the man in the chest. Police say the homeowner said the man would not stay on the ground when instructed. He died on the front porch.

Early indications say the stranger was unarmed. However, the sheriff appeared to defend the homeowner's actions, who so far has not been charged and who did dial 911 before confronting the suspect.

"Right now, it just appears the homeowner was doing what every homeowner would do and protect their home and their family," Sheriff Walker said.

The victim has not yet been identified and it's unclear why he wanted in the house.


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