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Concealed Handgun License Holder Sees a Man Beating a Woman in a Car. Watch His Bold Reaction Caught on Video That Has Others Calling Him a Hero.


“We need more people like that."

Image source: KTVT-TV

A Texas motorist who's also a concealed handgun license holder told police he saw a man beating a woman in another car on Friday afternoon, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

So he got out of his car when both vehicles had stopped, pointed his gun at the other driver and forced him out of the vehicle until Southlake police arrived, the Star-Telegram reported.

And the scary standoff was captured on video, KTVT-TV reported.

Image source: KTVT-TV Image source: KTVT-TV

“It was intense not knowing whether bullets were going to start flying from either side of the street,” Mistina Doland told the station, adding that 911 was quickly called.

Doland's sister Lindsey Bryant was driving with Doland and shot cellphone video of the standoff, KTVT noted. Soon police arrived, and the video shows the man with the concealed handgun license putting down his gun and putting up his hands as the other driver stood by his door.

Image source: KTVT-TV Image source: KTVT-TV

But soon authorities figured things out, determining that the man who held the gun on the other driver was trying to help — and police arrested MacMichael Nwaiwu, 28, who is now in jail, KTVT said.

Image source: KTVT-TV Image source: KTVT-TV

Police haven't released the name of the concealed handgun license holder, but Doland and Bryant said he's a hero.

“It’s amazing that in this day in age that people are willing to reach out and help,” Doland told the station.

"We need more people like that," Bryant told KTVT, adding that “I hope more people see this and are willing to go the extra mile for someone who like this woman, didn’t have a voice and couldn’t speak up for herself."

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office does not believe the witness with a gun broke any state laws, KTVT noted.

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