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Two Videographers Learn the Hard Way It's Probably Not a Great Idea to Fly a Drone Through LA's Skid Row


A video posted on YouTube late last week shows how two aerial cinematographers nearly lose their costly drone and possibly a lot more after flying it through LosAngeles' notorious Skid Row neighborhood.

The video, which has accrued more than 83,000 views on YouTube, begins with audio of the filmmakers apparently speaking with police officers after the incident. The officers seem astonished the men would attempt such a stunt.

“Every corner is controlled by somebody," one officer explains in the video. "You just can't go into a neighborhood, or let alone a block, and just start filming."

Watch What Happens When Two Men Try Flying a Drone Through Skid Row

As the officers speak, the video cuts to the striking footage from the drone's perspective as it buzzes through the darkened streets.

When the drone lands, apparently near the filmmakers' vehicle, a group of men who had been occupying a street corner nearby sprint toward it and a struggle ensues.

Police arrived just in time to save the device, according to dialogue in the video.

The video was created as part of a documentary for SkyeCam, a commercial aerial cinematography company, according to the video's description.

Neither Skyecam nor the Los Angeles Police Department immediately responded to inquiries from TheBlaze.

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