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Can You 'Saber' a Bottle of Champagne With a Gun?

Image: YouTube

New Year's Eve is fast approaching, which could mean an evening of stubborn Champagne corks unless you know what you're doing.

There is of course the spectacular display of "sabering" — slicing off the top of the bottle with a sword.

It's an impressive task, but for sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss, it raises a different question: Can you saber a bottle of Champagne using a bullet instead of a blade?

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Weiss is out with a new trick-shot video of her efforts to do just that.

Her theory: if you strike the bottle in the precise spot, the pressure inside will force a clean break on the neck of the bottle.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Setting the bubbly in the snow at an angle, Weiss positioned herself approximately 25 yards away and took aim.

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Her first couple of shots hit the cork, but didn't make proper contact with the glass.

But then, she hit the sweet spot — we'll let her show you the rest:

Editor's note: TheBlaze urges the utmost in safety in all Champagne bottle conquests. Learn how to safely pop a cork here

To see how actual sabering works, we'll have TV personality and bon vivant Alton Brown do the honors:

Editor's note: Weiss shot the bottle from a distance of 25 yards, not 10 as previously stated. This has been changed.

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