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Cop Caught on Camera Kicking Carjacking Suspect — and See What Happens When the Alleged Criminal Calls Out for Jesus


"They were kicking him and pistol-whipping him."

Michigan State Police are investigating a video posted to Facebook Monday that shows an officer  kicking a man being arrested on suspicion of carjacking.

The suspect's identity was not confirmed by police, though the Michigan Department of Corrections said he is 51-year-old Andrew Jackson who has a criminal record dating back years; he was reportedly sentenced to prison in 2004 and absconded parole in April 2014, the Detroit Free Press reported.

In the video, which was reportedly filmed by a woman named Emma Craig who watched the situation unfold Monday from her front door, the suspect be heard yelling "Jesus" while on the ground — an act that seemingly irritated one of the police officers.

"What did you say? Jesus? You're calling Jesus?," the officer responded. "You f****ing piece — don't you dare. Don't you f****ing dare!"

Craig narrates the clip at moments, claiming that the police officers beat the suspect while he was handcuffed.

"This man is handcuffed and the police is beating him while his hands is cuffed behind him," Craig said. "They were kicking him and pistol-whipping him."

Watch the video below (caution: strong language and violence):

The officers, part of a multi-jurisdictional police force, had reportedly followed the suspect after he allegedly held up a woman and her daughter at gunpoint and stole a vehicle. After tracking him, a brief chase occurred on foot before the man, who was allegedly found with a gun on his person, was tackled.

While state police plan to investigate, David Hiller, public safety director in Gross Pointe, said that his initial examination showed that the suspect was trying to reach his gun and, thus, the officers' actions were warranted, the Detroit News reported.

"We're looking at it, and we believe the officers actions were proper," Hiller said. "In effecting the arrest, they had to kick to get his arms free because he was going for his gun, which was in his waistband."

The video shows officers getting physical with the suspect while he was on the ground — allegedly even after he was handcuffed, though it is tough to discern details in the nearly 10-minute clip posted online.

Professor Maria Haberfeld of John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City cautioned in an interview with the Detroit News that, "You cannot judge an event based on a snippet."

Hiller said in a press release that the suspect resisted arrest and that a taser failed to subdue him due to heavy clothing — elements not seen on the recorded video. The release went on to say that police had detained "an extremely dangerous wanted felon who was armed with a handgun."

(H/T: Detroit News)

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