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Lena Dunham Has a Message for 'Conservative White Men' & 'Right-Wing Websites


Well, she certainly didn't shy away about how she feels.

Actress Lena Dunham sent a scathing message to conservative critics during a podcast interview Wednesday after contending they used passages in her book to smear her.

"I don't care what conservative white men think about me," the outspoken creator of HBO's "Girls" said.

"To try in any way to predict their actions or pander to them is a hopeless pursuit," she added.

Speaking to Bill Simmons, the liberal actress talked openly about a passage in her book, "Not That Kind of Girl," that she said those on the political-right "cherrypicked" and used to attack her.

Dunham was referencing an incident she described where she said "curiosity got the best" of her and she opened up her sister's vagina to discover the toddler had “six or seven pebbles in there." In another passage, she talked about how at 7-years-old she would bribe her sister to "kiss her on the lips for five seconds." Conservatives pointed to those passages and accused the Hollywood star of sexually abusing her sister.

Dunham also said in her bestseller that she was raped in college.

"What was mostly happening was a cherrypicking of quotes from different parts of the book," she said. "And I have to say that that article came out the day before I launched a Planned Parenthood campaign and the day before the midterm elections."

The liberal actress also praised "right-wing websites" for their ability to ignite controversy.

“They're good at what they do. They know how to do it. They line it up and they knock it down,” Dunham said.

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