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The one question you probably shouldn't ask on a first date


"Mesa Verde!"

"The Bachelor" contestant Mackenzie. (Source: ABC/The Bachelor)

There are plenty theories out there about aliens and extra-terrestrial life. But no matter what you believe, everyone can likely agree that aliens don't make the best first-date topic.

Then again, not everyone is on "The Bachelor."

In the second installment of our guilty pleasure (the Married Guys Talk Bachelor podcast), Steve Krakauer and I tackled the awkward first date between bachelor Chris Soules and 21-year-old mother Mackenzie. Among the very non-romantic topics discussed during their dinner: aliens and Mackenzie's love of big noses and how Chris fit that mold.

Of course there was also Ashley I's odd request for Chris regarding her belly button ring, Jillian's wardrobe selection that had to be blacked out on the show and Megan's odd choice with Chris' motorcycle helmet after sneaking into his apartment.

But even more odd was Ashley S. and her downright bizarre (even concerning) behavior on her group date ("Mesa Verde!").

Get the low-down below (you can also hear Steve's prediction for the next bachelorette as well as our take on one woman revealing she's a virgin):

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