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What Are Russia's Future Plans? Beck 'War Games' the Possibilities


"If that fire burns hot enough, it destabilizes the west."

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Glenn Beck has been focusing on Russia this week as part of a three-part special called "The Root: Red Storm Rising." He has analyzed the country's past, broken down who he believes the "architect" of its increasingly aggressive geopolitical strategy is, and on Wednesday, Beck "war gamed" what country's future plans could be.

"[I want to] war game what could happen next, but I want to do so under the original premise that I laid out from the Fox days," Beck remarked. "I said these things would come: that radicals would unite from all walks of life and begin to create chaos and destabilize the west, destabilize Europe, and then the rest of the world."

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Beck said there are two main obstacles to Russian President Vladimir Putin's dream of a new Russia: the United States and the European Union.

"Putin knows defeating the US and the EU via the military is not going to happen," Beck remarked. "So the first option has to be something else. That's where Alexander Dugin and his philosophy in Russia come in. What is Dugin's philosophy? Well, like with Karl Marx, it's consciousness, but it's not class consciousness; it's racial consciousness. You try to reach into people and say, 'Who are you really? See we're different than one another. We're not a melting pot. You're Russian, or you're French, you're Christian, you're German.' The Russians unite on the Orthodox Church, their culture."

Beck said western Europeans typically identify with their nation-state more than with Europe itself. They seem themselves as Italians, Spaniards or Germans first; Europeans second.

"So when somebody comes in, let's say from Algeria, and they don't want to be a part of the French culture, that plays into the hands of people like Dugin and Vladimir Putin," Beck remarked. "Far-right groups [are] currently rising up all over Europe. ... The fingers are pointing at the immigrants who are coming in, sinking the boat and taking the jobs. It's already happening organically. All Russia has to do is pour a little Dugin gasoline on the fire. If that fire burns hot enough, it destabilizes the west."

Beck said enough instability in the region could provoke nations toward an eventual break with the European Union, effectively neutralizing one of Russia's top enemies.

"Now if that sounds far-fetched, remember what Scotland just voted on. They voted on independence," Beck added. "It was the highest turnout in their election history, and it was a fairly close vote. ... With the withdraw from the EU movement gaining steam in the UK, you've got something here. Conditions are ripe, and Russia is reaching out to almost every major far-right nationalist group involved in European unrest."

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Beck said that while America is playing a frantic game of "today, today, today!" the Russians are playing a "long game."

"They believe that the western, debt-based economies are going to collapse," he said. "That doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out. ... So then what happens? China and Russia are betting you go back to gold. With the combined gold reserves of Russia and China, on top of their existing natural resources, their economies would be unstoppable, and even more formidable if they are combined with the oil and gas from the Middle East. A Middle Eastern ally is crucial to the goal."

Beck also discussed the possibility of a cyber attack or EMP, which could leave millions of people dead in just months. It is a low probability, but an extraordinarily high risk one, he said.

Beck spoke with Ariel Cohen of the Center for Energy, Natural Resources and Geopolitics, who noted that not only are the Russians capable of carrying out the "apocalyptic scenario" of an EMP attack, so are the Chinese and the North Koreans.

"Unfortunately, what the Obama administration did ... they are weakening if not dismantling our deterrents," Cohen remarked. "Our nuclear weapons are not being modernized; we're pulling out of Europe. We're not showing that it is dangerous to cross the United States of America."

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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