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Blaze Radio: New supercut of Chris Matthews calling Ted Cruz 'Joe McCarthy' 31 times


MSNBC's elder statesman, Chris Matthews appears to have an issue with Texas Senator Ted Cruz. The "Hardball" host regularly refers to the senator in a derogatory fashion, comparing him to Senator Joseph McCarthy -- a legislator who served during the Cold War and was known for his five-year pursuit of "Communists" inside the government and the military.

The U.S. Senate officially censured Joe McCarthy in 1954 for violating the "behavioral norms" of the Senate. Curiously, McCarthy's relentless search for Communists was not mentioned as something that offended his colleagues.

Why has Matthews decided to try and tattoo Ted Cruz as the "new Joe McCarthy?"

While he has been a stalwart defender of the U.S. Constitution, the Senate has not censured Cruz.

However, that has not stopped left-leaning broadcasters like Matthews from trying to label the conservative constitutionalist from Texas as the "new Joe McCarthy."

In fact, Matthews has slapped the pejorative insult on Ted Cruz no less than 31 times on his MSNBC show. On Saturday's edition of "Pure Opelka" on TheBlaze Radio Network, I played the "Matthews McCarthy Mix."

Listen to the replay - starting at the 31:21 mark of the program.

The Washington Free Beacon gets the credit for noticing this strange occurrence and creating a brilliant supercut video of Matthews' latest obsession.


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