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Can You Guess Which State More Fox News Hosts Are From Than Any Other?


"...larger, more conservative states such as Texas and Florida, are so outnumbered..."

Fox News hosts Bill O'Reilly (left) and Megyn Kelly (right) (Getty/AP)

Fox News may have a reputation for being the news network preferred by the conservative middle of the country, but a surprisingly large number of its hosts hail from one of the most liberal states in the Union: New York.

Dadaviz surveyed the Fox lineup and found that 15 hosts are from New York, as many as are from California and the South combined.

Some of Fox News' biggest names hail from the Empire State: Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity were born in New York City, while Megyn Kelly was born in Syracuse, New York.

Check out the infographic below to see where Fox hosts come from across the country:

On Reddit, commenters responded to the map with a range of reactions.

"New York is one of the largest states by population, and it's also the traditional news center of the country," one commenter wrote. "So it's not particularly interesting that a lot of people in a national news organization are from that state."

Other commenters noted that, despite New York's liberal reputation, much of the state is pretty conservative.

"Even though New York has one of the highest urban population[s] in the US and it routinely tends to vote liberal overall, most of its area tends to be rural and Republican," a commenter noted.

Expected or not, the fact that New York features so heavily in Fox's lineup was a surprise to some.

"Given that larger, more conservative states such as Texas and Florida, are so outnumbered by NY is certainly saying something," wrote one commenter.

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