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Jailhouse Deputies Found a Mysterious Stain on Page 420 of This Bible — and Then the Toxicology Results Came Back


"Criminals are determined, but so are we."

When prison authorities in Ohio discovered a mysterious stain on page 420 of a Bible that was sent to an inmate last month, they instantly became suspicious.

And after testing the holy book, which was allegedly sent by Tahani Teepe, 39, to Timothy King, 28, a prisoner at the Hamilton County Justice Center, they realized that the half-dollar sized spot was actually heroin, according to the Christian Post.

King and Teepe were arrested on Thursday after drug-sniffing dogs indicated that something illegal might be inside of the book, reportedly leading deputies to find the stain and subsequently send a sample out to the Hamilton County Coroner's office to be tested, WCPO-TV reported.

Police believe that Teepe may have chosen to mail the Bible to King, who was being held at the prison on a charge of theft, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, due to the fact that the sheriff's office must accept religious materials, providing a potential avenue to sneak the drug in, the outlet reported.

After toxicology reports concluded that heroin laced at least one page of the holy book, the two were arrested and charged with illegal conveyance of contraband into a correction facility, a third-degree felony. The penalty for the offense is up to five years in prison and a potential $10,000 fine.

A press release from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said that testing revealed that there was enough heroin for 30 to 40 hits to get high; if taken at the same time, the dosing could have been fatal.

"I want to commend my staff who remain vigilant in our efforts to keep drugs out," Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil said in a statement. "Criminals are determined, but so are we."

(H/T: Christian Post)


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